Milpitas Asphalt Overlay Project

Overhead for Asphalt Overlay in Milpitas

Coastal Paving was working for a industrial office client. Their 24 hour per day operation required that we perform the asphalt paving work on a Saturday and Sunday. We removed and replaced various broken asphalt areas. We provided edge milling where the asphalt meet concrete drainage inlets and at the main driveway entrances. We installed a paving fabric to the existing surface. We then machine installed 2" of compacted asphalt concrete.

Sealcoating at the Winchester Mystery House

When the Winchester Mystery House, A registered historical site and major tourist attraction needed to have their Garden Tour walkways sealed, they needed a company that that knew how to make the extra effort to protect the buildings and get the work done perfectly -  After all every part of the tour and facility is under scrutiny. .....They chose Coastal Paving!

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