Seal Coating


Seal Coating is one maintenance technique that can be used in general asphalt maintenance. An asphalt seal coat is a thin asphalt surface treatment applied to a paved surface. It provides a waterproof cover over the existing pavement surface and provides resistance to abrasion by vehicle traffic. Seal coating adds life to existing asphalt surfaces and serves a variety of functions.

  • Prevents surface water from penetrating the top layer of the pavement section.
  • Helps to fill small voids in the asphalt surface.
  • Bonds loose aggregates in the pavement surface-eliminates/reduces ravelling of the pavement section.
  • Restores the weathered surface of asphalt pavement and gives new life to oxidized pavement
  • Improves the visual aesthetics of an existing pavement
  • Extends pavement life thereby prolonging asphalt maintenance budgets.


There are a variety of seal coat products on the market today. At Coastal Paving our preferred product of choice is GraniteSeal.

Coastal Paving exclusively uses GraniteSeal on all its seal coating projects. Below is information about this product directly from the manufacturer.




Graniterock announces a sealcoat system based on the Carbonyte Process™. The Carbonyte Process is a technology derived from a decade of vigorous polymerscience research and team development within the Lockheed Martin Missile and Space Company. This process utilizes nano ceramics and ionized minerals which are selectively introduced to create a totally new concept in asphalt maintenance product design. The Carbonyte Process converts asphalt into a superior-performing thermoplastic. Modifying the molecular bonds within the asphalt emulsion and mixture substantially improves the asphalt’s ductility, raises its softening point, increases adhesion to mineral surfaces, and renders the finished product insoluble.

GraniteSeal protects pavement from the deteriorating effects of weather and traffic wear.

GraniteSeal is designed to cure faster than other sealcoats without the use of potentially degrading additives. GraniteSeal dries without the aid of direct sunload, often allowing nighttime installations.

Traffic striping immediately after curing may be achieved without discoloration.

GraniteSeal is resistant to power steering abuse and tire scuffing in high temperatures.

GraniteSeal contains no bio-accumulative metals or chemicals; contains no biocides.

GraniteSeal may be squeegee, broom, or spray applied with the proper equipment.

Top Ten Reasons To Use GraniteSeal Over Other Sealcoats

  1. Thicker and heavier sealcoat with high-solid content
  2. More resistant to power steering marks and scuffing
  3. Stays blacker longer than most sealcoats — see the difference after 6 months
  4. Cold weather product adds months to your season
  5. Dries in shaded areas faster, also allows for night work
  6. Material may be squeegee, broom, or spray applied
  7. Enhances striping appearance
  8. No growth or swelling
  9. Adheres to oil spots better with proper preparation
  10. No biocides