Crack Filling is the process of injecting a hot or cold rubberized sealant into cracks in the asphalt pavement. The purpose is to prevent water from penetrating the sub-grade and causing deterioration of the base material.

Benefits of Crack Filling

It is extremely important to repair any cracks that arise. Once water is allowed to penetrate the asphalt surface, its foundation will begin to erode resulting in costly damage.

Crack Sealing can be completed in the winter months as long as it is dry and the ambient temperature is not below 60 degress. It is best to crack fill going into the winter months when the cracks in the asphalt are as wide as possible. In the colder months cracks expand and in the summer months, cracks contract.

When alligatored areas appear in a parking lot it means that water has penetrated the sub-grade layer and the pavement can no longer support the weight of the traffic.

CrackMaster™ Supreme

Our finest hot applied crackfilling material. Ideal for all crack filling applications.


Use the following chart as a guideline for estimating material requirements 
(based upon pounds of material needed for 100 feet of cracks):


Crack Width


.lbs/100 ft.



6.2 lbs.



11.1 lbs.



25.0 lbs.

The above coverage rates are only a guideline. Actual material usage may vary due to width of application and thickness of material above pavement surfaces.