Core Drilling

Coastal Paving has the ability to perform concrete or asphalt core drilling. We can peform diamond core drilling holes from 1" thru 12" in size. This range of core drilling sizes allows us to service various industries. 

Some the industries and clients that may be in need of diamong core drilling are the following:

Core Drilling Into Wall

  • Plumbing Contractors

  • Electrical Contractors

  • Restaurant Builders/Developers

  • Electrical or Gas Utility Companies

  • Water Distribution Companies

  • Solar Installation Companies

  • Fence Contractors

  • Cable and Communication Contractors

  • Retail Shopping Centers

  • Industrial Manufacturers

  • Automotive Service Bay Contractors

  • Car Wash Installation Contractors


Some unique applications that may need diamond core drilling are the following:


  • Sewer or Wastewater Tie In Connections

  • Grease Interceptor Installation

  • Installation of Fire Protection Services

  • Inside Concrete Vaults for Utility Installation

  • Plumbing Lines, Drain Lines or Vent Lines

  • Installation of Bollards, Posts, ADA Signage

  • Fence Post Installation


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