The Coastal Difference

What exactly is the Coastal Difference? It is our approach to our customers and business that sets us apart from our competitors. Coastal Paving provides Superior Quality Pavement Solutions. Our proven process is the same with each and every client and it end result is satisfaction. The process is as follows:

  • An Initial Meeting:

The goal of our initial meeting is to identify then client’s needs for a particular project. Some items we discuss with the client are budget, scheduling, and phasing for the particular project. This vital information enables us to provide the most accurate and effective solution for the client. The initial meeting can be conducted at the site location, the client’s office, or at Coastal Paving Boardroom.

  • Site Walkthru/Evaluation:

After the initial meeting, we conduct and thorough investigation of the project conditions. We invite the client to walk the site and point out specific areas of concern that may not be apparent. We make note of conditions that warrant immediate attention and those that may become future areas of concern. From the data we collect we propose a solution to the client that meets with their goals and objectives established during the initial meeting.

  • Preparation of Solution Cost:

After review the data collected we prepare the cost estimate for the project solution. We carefully outline each step of the proposal and provide the client with a diagram and if desired corresponding site photos of the current project conditions. A proposal carefully outlines the cost of each component of the solution proposal. If the client desires a timeline or production schedule with the solution proposal we can provide that information. If specialty techniques or products are part of the solution proposal we provide the client with the manufacturers technical data describing the features and benefits of the products.

  • Review of the Solution with Client:

After the client has received the solution proposal, we provide a opportunity to review the solution proposal and ensure that it meets all the clients objectives. We often will schedule another site walk-thru with the client to ensure that all areas of concern have been identified and incorporated into the solution proposal. In some instances the client may ask that we present our solution to the board of directors, homeowner’s association board, or a meeting of property owners.

  • Pre-Construction Meeting:

We schedule a pre-construction meeting with the client and all interested parties on the project. We discuss phasing and the construction schedule and we have present at the meeting our production manager and sales representative. It is at this meeting we discuss all final plans and decision regarding the project as well as provide the client with key members of our staff who will be scheduling, building, and managing their project.

  • Construction of the Project:

During construction of the project we invite the client to see our work in action and give them an opportunity to see the value that they are receiving when they have selected Coastal Paving. In the event that the client is unable to be present during construction we will email and/or text the client all status updates regarding the project on a daily basis. In some instances during critical components we can update the client more frequently. If the client desires we can also send photographs of the project in progress directly from the field.

  • Post-Construction Walkthru:

After construction and final cleanup we conduct a walk thru of the project with the client to ensure that the project has met with their satisfaction. We will also provide the client with warranties and timelines for future maintenance so that they can budget accordingly in the future.


In the words of our CEO, “The least expensive job is the one that is done right the first time”. That is the essence of the Coastal Difference.