Asphalt Parking Lot in Los Altos Has Mickey Mouse Sighting

This past weekend there was a sighting of Mickey Mouse in a parking lot in Los Altos. Now most of you are thinking, what would Mickey Mouse be doing in Los Altos? This was not the famous Disneyland character known to children of all ages as Mickey Mouse, but it was the work of a "Mickey Mouse" Asphalt Paving Company.

Did You See Coastal Paving on the Road or Freeway Today?

If you were traveling down the road today and saw a funny looking bar code on a Chevy Tahoe, a lot of you probably scratched your head and wondered what the heck is that thing. If you have an I-Phone or Android Phone you probably know what it is, a QR Code, and curiosity made you just get close enough to capture the image.


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