Milpitas Asphalt Overlay Project

Overhead for Asphalt Overlay in Milpitas

Coastal Paving was working for a industrial office client. Their 24 hour per day operation required that we perform the asphalt paving work on a Saturday and Sunday. We removed and replaced various broken asphalt areas. We provided edge milling where the asphalt meet concrete drainage inlets and at the main driveway entrances. We installed a paving fabric to the existing surface. We then machine installed 2" of compacted asphalt concrete.

Sealcoating at the Winchester Mystery House

When the Winchester Mystery House, A registered historical site and major tourist attraction needed to have their Garden Tour walkways sealed, they needed a company that that knew how to make the extra effort to protect the buildings and get the work done perfectly -  After all every part of the tour and facility is under scrutiny. .....They chose Coastal Paving!

Understanding Pavement Defects

Losing Your Car to An Asphalt Pothole


Defects in Asphalt That Every Property Owner Should Know-Part 1



Asphalt Damaged OIl Spots in Parking Lots and How to Repair

The First Stage of Oil Spot Damage

Oil Spots in Asphalt Parking Lots and How to Repair

We have had several customers ask this question regarding protecting their asphalt surface.

What do you do to fix the oil spot damage to asphalt in parking stalls?

Benefits of Asphalt and Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance

Coastal Paving CPPA Checklist


Benefits of Regular Parking Lot Maintenance  

            Spring is just around the corner and as a business owner you need to think about the state of your parking lot. Your lot is most likely the first thing a customer sees and it can reflect the way your business is run. What is the key to having a nice looking lot? Regular maintenance.

Is your Asphalt Improvement Up to ADA Code Requirements?

Are you planning on doing a major parking lot improvement this year. If so you should be aware that ADA code requirements should be part of your upcoming project. The ADA code has many rules, provisions, and guidelines that all building owners, managers, and facility engineers should be aware of. Here is some brief information on detectable warning or also known as truncated domes.


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