• Sunnyvale Asphalt Repair

    Sunnyvale, CA

    Coastal Paving was hired by one of the top commerical office and retail owners and managers in California to perform asphalt repairs. The project consisted of 6" depth removal and replacement of broken asphalt. Edge milling of asphalt, installation of a paving fabric and construction of an asphalt overlay. Once the asphalt work was completed the area received striping and wheelstops.

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  • Milpitas Asphalt Overlay

    Milpitas, CA

    Coastal Paving was working for a industrial office client. Their 24 hour per day operation required that we perform the asphalt paving work on a Saturday and Sunday. We removed and replaced various broken asphalt areas. We provided edge milling where the asphalt meet concrete drainage inlets and at the main driveway entrances. We installed a paving fabric to the existing surface. We then machine installed 2" of compacted asphalt concrete.

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  • Winchester Mystery House

    San Jose, CA

    When the Winchester Mystery House, A registered historical site and major tourist attraction needed to have their Garden Tour walkways sealed, they needed a company that that knew how to make the extra effort to protect the buildings and get the work done perfectly -  After all every part of the tour and facility is under scrutiny. .....They chose Coastal Paving!


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  • ADA Retail Center Project

    South San Francisco, CA

    This project involved major ADA (American's with Disabilities Act) concrete renovations. The existing sidewalks and accessible ramps were removed and reconstructed with a zero curb face. To be compliant this required the installation of truncated domes along the entire storefront. The parking stalls were paved with no more than 2% cross slope and the site received new striping and signage to meet current ADA code requirements.

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  • Commercial Office Project

    Santa Clara, CA

    This project consisted of asphalt milling and pavement overlay of drive aisles. The entire asphalt surface was sealcoated with 2 coats and latex additive. New ADA compliant ramps were constructed. New striping layouts were incorporated and the site received new ADA signage.

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  • Dublin Retail Shopping Center

    Dublin, CA

    Pavement reconstruction and parking lot reconfiguration at the Dublin Retail Shopping Center. 

    The project involved mass asphalt pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction work. The work was performed in conjunction with over 200,000 sq. ft. of fabric and asphalt pavement overlay.

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  • Coastal Paving, Inc.

    Coastal Paving's West Coast Office is conveniently located in the heart of the Silcon Valley. We are just minutes from San Jose International Airport and approximately 45 minutes frorm Oakland International Airport and San Francsico International Airport.

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  • Village in the Park

    San Mateo, CA

    The Village in the Park Project was a pavement rehabilitation project in a homeowner's association (HOA).

    The project consisted of removal and replacement of failed asphalt areas. Removal and Replacement of distressed valley gutters and sealcoating and re-striping of the entire asphalt surface. The project took approximately two weeks to completed and was phased to accomodate the existing residents.

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